Getting your body ready for wedding season

Q&A with fitness and health professional Joey Devick

There is nothing more daunting than feeling like you have to lose a bunch of weight before being in or attending a wedding. Trust me, I know from experience as I am in the throws of a marginally successful wedding diet right now. It can be frustrating! Since my cousin is an expert on the topic, and a seriously inspirational person, I asked for her help clarifying some myths and to give our readers some helpful tips for getting your mind (and body) ready for wedding season. She more than delivered. The following Q&A includes everything from a magic drink recipe, to exercise and diet tips to kick off a healthier version of you.



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Joey is a fitness and health professional who is also a Beachbody coach. She offers free consultations to find the perfect program and nutrition guidance for individuals located literally anywhere. "My goal is to help end the trend of this country’s nutritional and physical inadequacies," says Devick. "Everyone always says tomorrow….and too many tomorrows never come along. The magic pill doesn’t exist.  It’s you, me, hard work, and proper nutrition."


If people change their outlook and realize that one needs to fuel their body in the correct way to make it function optimally, they will be amazed at how quickly their health will improve and their body will change.

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Biggest Bridesmaid Honor:

 Being asked….what an honor and a truly meaningful representation of who you are in the bride’s life.

Q&A: How to get your body ready for wedding season

Say you have just been asked to be in a wedding that is 9 months away. When should you start trying to get fit? JD: Right away! But not on a diet. One needs to fuel her body right and exercise to see long term results. I have made the mistake….a big event, you crash diet, and as soon as it’s over….you resort back to your old ways. If you are putting the effort in to a change, why not seek permanent change in the way you think about fitness, food and nutrition?

Women these days are trying to balance a lot - and you’re a perfect example of this! What is a reasonable regimen for working women to stay in shape? Honestly, it’s a daily occurrence – move everyday. That doesn’t necessarily mean hit the gym or your home workout program, but it means taking the stairs instead of the elevator. It means parking in the furthest spot possible from the door. Carrying your own groceries, and returning the cart.  It all adds up. On the other hand, if you are in serious crunch time – that means different dedication – and time spent intentionally working out. Finally, all the magic happens in the kitchen - well, 80%, anyway. There is no way you can out exercise a bad diet. You will not see change if you don’t change what you do in the kitchen.

What is your secret for staying fit as a busy working mom?  It has to become a habit - you know the old saying, it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. If you decide to start a nutrition and fitness routine, keep at it - even if it’s 20 or 30 minutes a day.  Build up to it, do something you enjoy that gets you moving.  Let’s face it, the only successful workout routine for you, is the one you will do!

What is the one unbreakable rule of dieting? You HAVE to EAT!!!  When you think “If I eat less, I will lose weight” - yes, you might in the beginning, but you cannot sustain that type of lifestyle. Your body will slow its metabolism and hold on to any calorie you put into it, because it thinks it might be the last calorie it’s going to get. So instead of processing, digesting, and utilizing it for energy - it stores it long term, eventually as fat. This is a non negotiable. You have to reprogram the way you think about food - the proper food, in the right combinations, at the right times.

Bridesmaids and brides are always super concerned about their arms. Do you have a favorite go-to arm workout? Shoulders, biceps and triceps are my favorite to work, but I can’t choose just one favorite! You can’t go wrong with push ups with wide hands to focus on that strapless dress area under the arms. Side lateral raises and upright rows for those shoulders, overhead military press to top it off….and bicep curls, chair dips…I could go on and on….

What are some things to stay away from in the last 60 days gearing up to a wedding? First and foremost, focus on how you feel. What do you REALLY want to change between now and the wedding? Your arms? See above. The number on the scale? Then there is definitely a list of things to avoid for the next two months (or forever).

Salt - can you say instant water retention and bloating?

Alcohol - sorry...but alcohol equates to belly fat.

Sugar - its a vicious cycle of supply and demand, you supply your body with it, your body demands more….

White enriched carbs i.e. white bread, rice, crackers, cereal, pasta = belly fat.

While you are avoiding those things, focus on these:

Increase your fiber intake, your roughage, get your digestive system functioning properly and regularly.

INCREASE your water intake!

Thanks, Joey!

Joey's philosophy is that any habit can be made or broken in 21 days, which is why she came up with the 21 day challenge. Her clients have been successfully losing 5-15 pounds in just 21 days—and they are keeping it off by changing their views of food and fitness, while implementing changes that can easily be applied long term. Join her on her next 21 day challenge that starts Monday March 2nd.  Connect with her on Facebook, via her website to join the fun.