The Wedding Hashtag

The "Wedding Hashtag" adds a whole new element to wedding planning. 

If you've planned a wedding in the last year, then you have been faced with the incredibly daunting task of coming up with a wedding hashtag. This is supposed to be a clever way of capturing your "brand" as a couple on Instagram, and to make it so all of the fun photos from the wedding are organized in one place on social media.

This is something you should start thinking about on a first date.

I'm only kind of kidding. The hashtag phenomenon is an element of wedding planning that does require a little extra time to think through and we had to move fast. My fiancé and I were thinking about adding the old hashtag to the wedding koozies we were ordering for the out of town guests (obviously we needed koozies). So I started surveying people to get an idea of what this hashtag should say.

We got some pretty stellar responses.

First, from my bridesmaids came some pretty fantastic ones. A lot of my friends call me Devo, so we were off to a good start when Shannon rolled in with these two:



I liked them a lot, but I didn't want the hashtag to be totally about how obsessed I have been with this man for so many years. Plus, I wasn't sure how many people would make the DEVO connection.

Then, my future sister in law came in with a bunch. All very cute.







#SeeYouAtMyBabyShower2016 (obviously this was a favorite).

We were getting a little bit closer, with cute ideas like #LoganPartyof2 (could easily add on numbers as our family grows, which is so super cute). I also liked #Dan&Ashley2015, but wasn't sure if the ampersand translated to Facebook (it doesn't) and spelling it out became too long.

A few of my favorite options that I brought to the table were #BarclayGetsaDaddy in honor of my sweet bastard puppy getting a man in his life. And then, I also liked #MeetTheLogans2015. It was simple, easy to remember, and available.

Then, my sister Lindsay stirred up a lot of activity with #DashBash2015. I liked the combination of Dan and Ash and creating a rhyme. This is big for me! But I couldn't shake the Kardashian similarities, so we had to move on.

My other sister Samantha pulled up the rear with another supreme option: #2015yearslater It was meant to be a tribute to the fact that Dan and I have known each other for so long AND we were getting married in 2015, like a Wheel of Fortune "Before and After." But no one got it but me. Bummer.

It was time to narrow it down to a few viable contenders. Here are the final five. What is your vote?